Advertising & Affiliate Disclosure

Last Updated: January 1, 2023

Partnership Details

To provide our audience with precise and enlightening content, we’ve established affiliate ties with numerous brands in the electric bike sector, along with prominent e-commerce platforms such as and With our commitment to transparency, we share the following details about our partnerships and commission structures:

  • We have partnerships with businesses in the electric bike domain. These associations come with pay-per-click and affiliate compensation models. Whenever there’s an affiliate link on our pages, we ensure its presence is clearly signified. Any promotional content on our platform is distinctly tagged as an advert.
  • Our involvement in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program means we earn commissions when a visitor makes a purchase on via a link on our platform.
  • A commission comes our way when a visitor clicks on an affiliate link and makes a purchase. Should they decide to return the product, the commission is withdrawn. We are neither influenced to endorse substandard products by current or prospective partners, nor are we encouraged to.
  • At no point do we accept monetary compensations from brands to showcase their products in our analyses, listings, or guides. While we do accept product samples for the sake of study, it does not influence our editorial decisions or assure any positive review or favored listing for the item or the brand.
  • There might be occasions when we direct our visitors to content/products on other platforms under our ownership.

Authentic Product Analysis

Our advice stems from comprehensive research and hands-on evaluations. To give our readers further clarity, we have incorporated the below measures to safeguard the impartiality of our content:

  • Our analysis framework consists of real-world tests, professional insights, and detailed study. The specifics of affiliate contracts remain undisclosed to our evaluators, specialists, and contributors.
  • Communication between our team and the affiliate partners we earn from is limited strictly to understanding product details and company policies via customer service. This interaction in no way affects our endorsements.

For any queries regarding our study methods, product choices, or any general information, reach out to us at

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