Aventon Aventure.2 Review 2023

Aventon Aventure.2 Review

Remember the first time you rode a bike and felt that rush of freedom? I do. Recently, I felt that same thrill, but this time with an electric twist. Enter Aventon. In the vast sea of e-bikes, the Aventon Aventure.2 stands out, boasting impressive features that make every ride an unforgettable adventure. Whether you’re into commuting or cruising, fat tires, or lightweight designs, Aventon has got you covered. Plus, their selection of top-tier accessories? Game changer. Let’s dive into the Aventure.2 and see what makes it shine.

Aventon Aventure.2

Class 2 & 3

Ride Experience


The Aventon Aventure.2 is a feature-rich fat tire electric bike designed for those who seek versatility in their rides. It comes with a plethora of features including a bright, colorful display, a rear rack, and turn signals, aiming to enhance the user’s cycling experience. Furthermore, the Aventon app offers augmented metrics, fostering a community of riders. This bike aims to inject a touch of adventure into daily commuting with its speed, comfort, and affordability.


Overview of Aventon Aventure.2

The Aventon Aventure.2 is an electric bike that offers a variety of features and specifications to enhance your riding experience. Whether you’re commuting to work, exploring new trails, or running errands around town, the Aventure.2 is designed to deliver comfort, performance, and safety.

Aventon Aventure.2 Pros

  • Torque sensor provides a more natural pedaling experience.
  • Enhanced utility and improved safety features.
  • Comes with a rear rack and turn signals.
  • Offers an improved range.
  • Bright and easy-to-read display.
  • Aventon app with enhanced metrics and community-building features.
  • Fast, comfortable, and affordable.

Aventon Aventure.2 Cons

  • Larger and heavier compared to some other models, which might not be suitable for everyone.
  • The bike’s fenders haven’t been updated, which some users find mildly annoying.
  • Not designed for highly technical terrains, limiting its usability for more challenging trails.

Product Specifications: Aventon Aventure.2

Aventon Aventure.2 Side Rear View

The Aventon Aventure.2 comes equipped with several key features that set it apart from other electric bikes on the market. One notable feature is its powerful 750w e-bike motor, which provides a smooth and efficient ride. Additionally, the Aventure.2 has a maximum speed of 28 mph, allowing you to reach your destination quickly.

Ideal UseAll-Terrain
Speed28 MPH
RangeUp to 60 miles
Motor750w (sustained), 48v Rear Hub
Pedal Assist4 Levels
Battery48V, 15Ah (720Wh)
Frame StyleStep-Over or Step-Through
Total Weight Limit400 lbs
Tires26″ x 4″
SensorsTorque Sensor
FrameDouble-Butted Aluminum Alloy
Rider Height5’1″ – 6’1″
Weight77 lbs
Price$1,699 (as of Sept 2023)

Another feature that sets the Aventure.2 apart is its long battery lifespan. With a fully charged battery, you can expect to ride for up to an impressive 60 miles before needing to recharge.

Comparisons: Aventon Aventure vs Aventon Aventure.2

When compared to the previous model “Aventon Aventure”, the Aventure.2 offers several improvements and upgrades. The torque sensor on Aventure.2 enhances natural pedaling experience. The battery lifespan has also been extended, allowing for longer rides without the need to recharge. Additionally, the Aventure.2 boasts a sleek and modern design, making it a stylish option for riders.

Feature/SpecificationAventon AventureAventon Aventure.2
SensorCadence SensorTorque Sensor
Inbuilt Rear RackAdd-on FeatureStandard Feature
Physical SizeStandardLarger and Heavier
Tires4″ Fat Tires4″ Fat Tires
Motor750W Motor750W Motor
Battery48V, 15Ah (720Wh)48V, 15Ah (720Wh)
RangeUp to 45 milesUp to 60 miles
Weight Limit400 pounds400 pounds
Total Weight73 lbs77 lbs

Comparisons with Other Models

In terms of comparisons with other related models, the Aventure.2 stands out for its versatility and performance. While other models may excel in specific areas, such as speed or comfort, the Aventure.2 strikes a balance between all the important factors. Whether you’re looking for a speedy commute or a comfortable leisure ride, the Aventure.2 is a great choice for many.

Design and Structure

The Aventon Aventure.2 has a practical design with a balanced structure. It’s designed for a mix of agility and stability. Thanks to its light frame, navigating through city streets is manageable. Plus, its compactness makes it suitable for storage in tighter spots. Aventure.2 Step-Through is also avaiable for easier access.

Aventure.2 Step-Through Ebike

Aventon provides the Aventure.2 in several color choices to cater to different tastes. Colors range from slate grey to a camouflage for step-over models and cobalt blue and standard midnight black for step-through ebike.

image 2

When it comes to construction, the frame is made from decent materials intended for everyday use. It’s designed to handle varying road conditions, offering a consistent performance.

Performance and Speed

Having had the chance to ride the Aventon Aventure.2, I’ve come to appreciate its focus on performance and speed. Clocking in at a top speed of 28 mph, it certainly made my commutes quicker. In both bustling city traffic and serene trails, the Aventure.2 held its ground admirably.

One thing that genuinely stood out during my rides was the e-bike’s motor. It offered a dependable and consistent performance, especially when faced with those daunting hills. Moreover, the longevity of its battery (60 miles) was a pleasant surprise. I found myself worrying less about charging and more about enjoying the journey.

Aventon Aventure.2 Front View

Comfort and Ease of Use

During my rides on the Aventon Aventure.2, I noticed the emphasis on comfort. The saddle seems designed to minimize strain, especially on longer journeys. On my daily commutes, I consistently found the seat to be quite comfortable.

The handlebar configuration, while ergonomic in its design, offers a fairly intuitive grip. From my experience, it gave me a decent handle on maneuvering, contributing to a relatively stable ride.

When it came to assembly, the process for the Aventure.2 was straightforward. The included instructions were clear, and there weren’t an overwhelming number of parts. I managed to assemble it without much fuss, though I’d recommend a bit of patience, especially if you’re new to e-bikes.

Safety Features

While using the Aventon Aventure.2, I’ve noted that it includes features that address safety concerns often associated with electric bikes. The braking system, for instance, is decent and has offered consistent stopping during my rides, which does lend a sense of assurance.

The bike’s lighting has been helpful during my evening rides. The headlights and taillights are adequate for visibility, ensuring both seeing the path ahead and being seen by others.

The tires on the Aventure.2 have performed reasonably on different surfaces I’ve tried, from damp city pavements to some gravel tracks. Their traction seems to be satisfactory, adding to the overall stability during rides.

Additional Accessories and Components

Aventon is known to have a selection of related accessories and components, including bike racks, fenders, and panniers. There are many accessories are tailored for Aventure.2 electric bikes, which might be beneficial in terms of fit and compatibility.

Beyond the primary accessories, Aventon have provisions for some alterations to the Aventure.2. If someone’s inclined to change the handlebars, consider a different suspension, or even opt for a bigger battery, there appear to be choices available. It gives a sense of adaptability, allowing for a level of personalization with the Aventure.2.

It’s worth noting that Aventon lists the costs, often with promotions or discounts, of these items on their website. It’s a handy reference for those wanting to gauge the options.

Community and Customer Reviews

The Aventon Aventure.2 has garnered significant attention and acclaim from both the community and its users. This electric bike has stood out due to its innovative features, with the majority highlighting its natural pedaling experience, enhanced safety measures, and impressive range. Another commendable aspect, as pointed out by several users, is the Aventon app. This integrated technology not only provides better metrics but also builds a community of Aventon riders who share their experiences and adventures.

However, it’s not without its critiques. A segment of users has raised concerns about the bike’s size and weight. For some, the Aventure.2’s heftiness is a deterrent, making it less ideal for those who might struggle with a larger bike. Additionally, while the bike has been praised for many of its features, the brakes have received mixed feedback, with some users suggesting they are just about adequate. Nevertheless, in the grand scope of things, the Aventon Aventure.2 is seen as a reliable choice for both daily commuting and the occasional escapade, solidifying its place in the electric bike community.

Final Thoughts: Aventon Aventure.2 Review

Aventon’s Aventure.2 e-bike has carved a niche for itself in the market. The focus on comfort, such as its well-designed saddle, stands out especially for prolonged rides. It might not be apt for very technical terrains, but its extensive battery life, offering up to 60 miles on a single charge, sets it apart. This bike introduces a natural pedaling experience due to its torque sensor, a feature which becomes evident once you contrast it with bikes that lack one. The available range of accessories and customization choices speaks volumes about Aventon’s dedication to diverse rider preferences. However, it’s worth noting the mixed feedback on its brakes. Yet, considering its numerous advantages, the Aventure.2 emerges as a substantial contender in the e-bike segment, fitting for both daily commutes and leisurely rides.

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